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105 Payments Left to Go... 38 Years Old When I am Done with my Student Loans. WTF.

Rusty, can You Get HBO with that Thing?

Shoudn't Have Asked The Universe

How does one Motivate on the day after Christmas?

Please, Make it Stop!

Hello, Second Nose

Spaceballs!? Oh, Shit. There Goes the Planet.

Bunny Hops, Careless Drivers, and Finally-Kicking-Bush-Out-Of-Washington Year 2008


More Rain Tomorrow! Woo Hoo!

There was Ice on my Windshield this Morning! Very Un-Southern California! Humph!

What's this stuff falling from the sky? Oh yeah, rain.

Tomorrow is Pay Day! Yay!

Back to the Grind. Ugh.

The Hazards of Being Short

Patiently Awaiting the Winter Solstice...

It's November Already?

Let's Go Red Sox!

Stop, Drop, and Roll? No? Run for Your Life? Yes?

Where is my Concentration? Why is it Only Tuesday?

Time to Make Caramel Apples! Woo Hoo!

Pet Peeve #49: Drivers Who Stop Too Close to My Rear Bumper on an Incline

My Car's CD Player Shit the Bed Again... But Anyway...

2008: Just Around the Corner (Thank God! I though it would never come)

Roar Lions Roar

Should Probably Be Mopping the Floor, But Instead, Procrastination

Just for Shits and Giggles

Ok, OUCH!?

Viva [insert inappropriate reference here]!