It's November Already?

Halloween - Out of Candy by 7:30pm

Well, as expected, our neighborhood turned out to be even more active than out old neighborhood up in the Inland Empire. We bought about 10 bags or so of candy - 20 bucks worth. It was gone by 7:30pm. I got home around 7:45pm from teaching the two classes at the Y, and I swear, I had to drive less than 20 mph down the street out of fear that I would run someone over. There were that many people still out.

Now, from what I remember as a kid, 8pm was usually the cutoff time where only the read die-hards were still out. After 7:30pm, our light was off and we still got at least 3 rings of the doorbell. One came past 9pm. 9pm? Are you kidding me? That's a little much.

So I guess next year we'd better buy more or we can just be all ba-humbug and just buy the same amount :o) Let someone else break the bank for Halloween.

Fear of the Office Soda Machine

We get free beverages at work, dispensed by a standard vending machine. You just push a button and out comes what you want. Cool, right?

Except sometimes, without warning, it will decide to spit out a second different can of soda. Each time I go to get my Diet Coke fix, I have this fear that a can of Mountain Dew will come barreling down as I reach my hand in to take my Diet Coke. So when it comes time to pull the can out, I do it as fast as I possibly can. Like the Boogie Man Soda Machine will break my fingers with a V8, and then I'll have to somehow explain the absurd injury and people will think I am a nut job.

On the iPod...

Well, I spent most of the weekend loading up the pod. It now has close to 4 gigs on there -- 750+ songs. I've got Toad the Wet Sprocket's Dulcinea playing at the moment. Whatever happened to these guys? They have good stuff.


  1. Toad still tour together every now and again, but their lead singer, Glen Phillips has been making a go of the solo career since the band split in 1998.

    Check out His solo stuff is really good and definitely worth a listen.


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