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Black Canyon 100K

(Probably I have forgotten some details but better late than never)

A little over a month ago I ran the Black Canyons 100K. Sometime last September, probably after I finished Noble Canyon 50K - my first 50K in 7 years - I decided that it was mostly reasonable to sign up for 100K having not run anything more than 50K and just a single trail race in 7 years.
Some key accomplishments:Successfully executed the Fart While Running during a raceAvoided another DNF! (I wonder how long this streak will continue)No falls! And narrowly avoided a major face plant... how I still don't know because I tripped HARD on a rock. Probably in a non-race setting I would have been on my face but my adrenaline and reflexes were in high gear.Not a single blister and I never changed my socks! Some things not avoided:Chafing. But thankfully it was minimalChoking on inhaled pieces of Pringles chips. Learned that later in the race I should avoid eating these guys. My ability to walk (nevermind run) and not s…

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