Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A River Runs Through It

It being the street I live on. I just looked outside and it seems drainage has ceased to be. My backyard is a moat. I have enormous puddles of water all over the backyard that are not draining. Apparently, this is the wettest December on record here in southern California. And I am SO OVER it.

What I am also over is the people that say “oh, but we need it.” Seriously? No.  We don’t. We need 2-3 days of rain more often than twice a year. Not 5 consecutive days of so much rain that drainage in people’s yards stops and city streets become flooded. There is no good in this – all that water just runs right off into the ocean not filling any reservoirs and making messes as it goes. So, no. We don’t “need” it anymore.

You know it’s wrong when you live in San Diego and think to yourself “I need to invest in better gutters because the ones I had just aren’t cutting it.” My last house didn’t even had any gutters and it was a model home! Gutters are not standard equipment here so the fact that I have any gutters should be good enough. But not really or else I wouldn’t have a moat around the sides of the house where there are no gutters.

Even dogs are messed up by all this. Last night we went to our training class with The Lou and this cocker spaniel just took a huge dump right there in the middle of the aisle during “loose leash walking”. All the dogs in class are pretty well trained in that regard but I guarantee you that it’s because he held it in from not wanting to go out in the rain to do his business. [Talking to the sky] Anytime today that you’d like to turn this off would be fabulous. Thanks.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Famous Last Words

“I think this course is mostly flat with a few hills.”

Not really. It was mostly hills with some flat. I had hoped to break 1:15 in the Loma Linda Holiday Classic 15K this morning, but at mile 2 as I trudged up the hill slowing from 8:00 pace to 10:44 at the apex (it was steep) I quickly reevaluated. I had begun to question breaking 1:20 at that point. But thankfully, with up hills comes down hills so I was able to make up some of the speed bumps but my splits clearly display the elevation changes:

Avg Pace
Summary 01:16:13 9.23 08:15
1 00:07:59 1.00 07:59
2 00:08:36 1.00 08:36
3 00:08:36 1.00 08:36
4 00:08:13 1.00 08:13
5 00:07:58 1.00 07:58
6 00:08:31 1.00 08:31
7 00:08:28 1.00 08:28
8 00:08:00 1.00 08:00
9 00:08:04 1.00 08:04
10 00:01:43 0.23 07:31

They also show how kind of unfair the St George races are. I ran slower for 9.3 miles than I ran at Snow Canyon for 13.1 with the 2000 foot elevation loss.

Anyway, I finished 1:16:10 and while I am kinda bummed that I just missed the 1:15’s by 10 seconds, I am content with my time considering the negotiations that took place from mile 3 to 7.

Last year, that would have been first in my age group but faster folks showed up today, and #1 was well under 1:15. So I had to settle for #2. Two more medals to add to my collection:


The race was smaller (maybe 200 in the 15K) but it was d-tag timed with plenty of porta-potties and course support. For $40 it’s a good one! Even if I had to drive a bit out of the way and get up a 4am for the 7am start.

The rest of the day will be spent making Etsy stuff. It’s been kinda crazy with that, actually. I think I am pricing things too reasonably because certain items sell within a few hours – I’m sure it’s the holidays and come January it’ll probably be few sales if any.

My latest creation is this guy (dragonfly earwarmer/headwrap):