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“I think this course is mostly flat with a few hills.”

Not really. It was mostly hills with some flat. I had hoped to break 1:15 in the Loma Linda Holiday Classic 15K this morning, but at mile 2 as I trudged up the hill slowing from 8:00 pace to 10:44 at the apex (it was steep) I quickly reevaluated. I had begun to question breaking 1:20 at that point. But thankfully, with up hills comes down hills so I was able to make up some of the speed bumps but my splits clearly display the elevation changes:

Avg Pace
Summary 01:16:13 9.23 08:15
1 00:07:59 1.00 07:59
2 00:08:36 1.00 08:36
3 00:08:36 1.00 08:36
4 00:08:13 1.00 08:13
5 00:07:58 1.00 07:58
6 00:08:31 1.00 08:31
7 00:08:28 1.00 08:28
8 00:08:00 1.00 08:00
9 00:08:04 1.00 08:04
10 00:01:43 0.23 07:31

They also show how kind of unfair the St George races are. I ran slower for 9.3 miles than I ran at Snow Canyon for 13.1 with the 2000 foot elevation loss.

Anyway, I finished 1:16:10 and while I am kinda bummed that I just missed the 1:15’s by 10 seconds, I am content with my time considering the negotiations that took place from mile 3 to 7.

Last year, that would have been first in my age group but faster folks showed up today, and #1 was well under 1:15. So I had to settle for #2. Two more medals to add to my collection:


The race was smaller (maybe 200 in the 15K) but it was d-tag timed with plenty of porta-potties and course support. For $40 it’s a good one! Even if I had to drive a bit out of the way and get up a 4am for the 7am start.

The rest of the day will be spent making Etsy stuff. It’s been kinda crazy with that, actually. I think I am pricing things too reasonably because certain items sell within a few hours – I’m sure it’s the holidays and come January it’ll probably be few sales if any.

My latest creation is this guy (dragonfly earwarmer/headwrap):



  1. Keep your prices that way and you'll probably always have buyer traffic. If it's not shorting you on cost and potentially making you a few bucks, that is. :)

    Your running has me so insanely jealous to begin running, you have no idea. Keep posting...and running. I'm going to need you around May/June.

  2. Ahh, congrats on placing! Those are pretty sweet lookin' medals too!

    Congrats on the great run!


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