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Pooping out Wrappers

You know that saying/story/whatever about aging and how you go from infant to adult and then essentially back to infancy? Well, clearly Rusty is following this path. I swear I have a puppy on my hands, not as rambunctious but equally destructive and aggravating. So it's like having a puppy without the "fun" of having a puppy. The latest fiasco was Saturday. We were gone on a rare shopping trip for about 3-4 hours and we left them inside since it was going to be dark when we got back. Well, good 'ol Rusty managed to find the bag of candy on the dining room table. I am 95% certain it wasn't Nikki since she too small to reach up there. It probably wans't in his reach, either (though it was probably close since he can rest his doggy-chin on the table). He must have pulled the runner (because I found it shifted) until the bag was in reach and then dragged it to the floor. We came home to candy scattered around the living and dining room. Wrappers and such all over.

I found that pretty much all of the mini Snickers were gone as well as the Kit-Kats and Nutrageous-es (how does one pluralize Nutrageous?). Gone, no wrappers left over. Hmmm. Yeah.

So, for Rusty, he has been pooping out wrappers since Saturday. Nikki, on the other hand, is a smaller dog, so she has been alternating between pooping out some and urping up the rest. This morning she barfed up some wrappers and an intact Strawberry Laffy Taffy, still in its wrapper.
I am hoping by the end of the week it'll be out of their systems. I am not in the mood for more vet visits courtesy of Rusty, the Most Aggravating Dog Ever.

At least it wasn't a Total Wash.

I thought for a moment my options from my previous company were going to expire underwater. My trade window opened up in late October, and literally the day previous, I had 3 dollars per share to exercise. The next day, the windows opens, and it drops below my strike price. So like 1000 bucks gone. Poof!

However, I noticed yesterday that it was around $1.50 over my strike price and I quickly nabbed it. Figured, take it now, don't get greedy over 100 bucks and get left with nothing when they expire (in less than two weeks).

So it looks like I will at least get several hundred out of it which is nice. Better than a poke in the eye with a stick :o)

What's with all the Petersons?

This is odd. First, it's Tyler Peterson that shot up teenagers at a late night house party in Michigan and then shot himself back in October. Then there's Kelsey Peterson, the 26 year old teacher who ran off with her 13 year-old former student to Mexico. Next, it's Drew Peterson who looks like he may have killed his last two wives. And let's not forget Scott Peterson who was convicted of killing his wife (Laci Peterson) and unborn child.

Does anyone else this this is really a funky coincidence?


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