Sleep Deprivation

These Olympics are going to make me fucking batty. I love watching them but the broadcast times are just stupidly late. I mean, the women's gymnastics team finals not starting until 10:30pm? Seriously? It's the most popular sport, the one little girls love to watch - do you think parents will let them burn the midnight-oil into the night? I know it was live for East Coast, but why not show us West Coasters the live feed as well so we can start watching at 7:30pm, for Christ's sake.

I can't take it anymore. Three consecutive nights of staying up until midnight and then feeling like I have been hit by a Mack Truck the next morning at 6am. Last night I stayed up until the last Alicia Sacramone fiasco. Poor thing, I felt bad for her, especially after she had done so well in the preliminaries. But when she fell on her ass, I gave up and fought sleep to see the last two Americans (because I love to watch Shawn Johnson, she is just like a Mexican Jumping Bean), and didn't bother to watch the Chinese. I knew it was over.

And, the Chinese? Do they look 16? I don't think so. But that's not what makes me believe the rumors. I certainly don't look my age, as proven when that flight attendant thought I was like 14 when I was 21. What makes me question them is that their birthdays were posted on rosters from their teams prior to the Olympics and they were all indicating they were younger than the required 16 years of age. Suddenly, all three dates are "fixed" because apparently they were all wrongly printed, and they have passports to prove it. Sounds fishy. to have all those birthdays screwed up. For a culture who is so precise about everything, they were imprecise about their ages on roster websites? But there isn't much you can do. I wouldn't put it past a country who is so driven to be seen as perfect, to have passports made with different birthdays, just so they can win. I mean, the East Germans doped up all their athletes and screwed them up for life in their quest for athletic domination. No country can really be trusted - if the US had their athletes birthdays all wrong like that and suddenly they were "fixed" I wouldn't trust them either.

It's just crappy when you have to question something like the Olympics. It's supposed to be a level playing ground and the time when things are fair, but it seems like nothing is really ever "fair" in the world.


  1. i bet that in about a week or so you will say: gosh, it was worth loosing sleep over!!! lol


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