And Then There Were 193

Holy Visits from The Nester, Batman. Sure, when I posted my link to my mistreatment, I expected some more traffic than the usual 5-10 visits per day, but not 193! Dang! And the vast majority came from Texas. She must have some crazy following - I mean, I figured she did but that is truly amazing, that putting my link up there resulted in 20-30 times my normal traffic. Gotta love The Nester for spreading the love around to the less-traveled blogs.

Believe it or not, my legs STILL HURT from Sunday. It's mostly gone, but 3 days post-run I am still sore. Yoga must really be doing zippo for my quads. Total non sequitur (side note: Blogger spell-checker does not think "sequitur" is a word. Silly Blogger.), a positive development is Creepy Dude at the studio has not been manning the desk or coming to my class for the last 4 weeks! It's truly a relief, but I am curious as to why the sudden departure. I know, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, but I wonder if his wife figured it out because she is always there now. It better not be that he thinks leaving me alone will somehow make me realize I want him. You never know with people out there - it never ceases to amaze me, the idiocy of some folks.

It is working day number 3 since I submitted our plans (like real, auto-CAD, drafted plans) to the city building department for our kitchen addition. Supposedly, they have 20 working days to get back to us, though they said it would likely be sooner. I am expecting to get them back complete with whining about something missing or not right. Honestly, they look pretty damn good to me. We totally lucked out that the Husband's good friend at the office has 90% of an architecture degree and is an auto-CAD expert. Apparently, it costs like $1K-2K for similar plans, but he wouldn't take any money. I am thinking maybe we should buy him a Wii and MarioKart, because if he won't take money, he should take the coolest video game ever created as a token of our appreciation.

And this is yet another good reason to be a vegetarian. EEWWW.


  1. thanks for the tapeworm worry...i guess i'm going to have to read your entire blog so i can catch up to where you are these i will get back to you when i'm done...anxious to see why you are remodeling the kitchen. But i do have a job and kids, so i will be finished sometime next week...i think...


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