Stocking Up

Aside from getting bit by a dog and almost losing my bottom half of my bikini in ocean off La Jolla, this weekend I made a find almost as good as my ginourmous Ikea sink.

Ruggero di Tasso, Nero d' Avola

What is the hell is that, you are wondering? Well, before we moved down to North County from Elsinore, we used to buy some vino at the Trader Jose's in Temecula. One in particular was the 2005 Ruggero di Tasso, Nero d'Avola, for $3.99. Oh, was this shit good. For under 4 bucks, you seriously could not beat it with a stick. We then moved, and never again did I find it at my local TJs. Boooooo!

On our drive up the northern end of "The OC" we stopped at the Trader Joe's in San Clemente for beer and maybe a bottle or two of wine. I picked up a bottle some stuff I had never heard of from Northern Cal, and I turned the corner to check out the Italian wines... and Holy Jesus!

There it was.

Same wine maker and varietal, not the same year, 2006 instead.Whatever! I bought every bottle that was on the shelf. Turned out to be only 10 bottles (guess I wasn't the only one buying it up). But I cleared them OUT! Oh, Happy Day!

Then I was bit by the dog, and then a Happy Day, it was not so much. It's healing nicely though - it was mostly a bad bruise that is in that process of turning that funny shade of sallow yellow now.

Overall, the wine is pretty good. It's not as good as 2005. Not sure why that year was like liquid crack, because, man, was that stuff good. Well, probably not the greatest thing ever if you're comparing it to $20-30+ wines, but when I've only paid $3.99 for it, it's the Greatest Thing Ever. My impossibly picky and hard-to-please mother even thought it was good (though at $3.99, it's pushing her price limits - her frugality makes her feel guilty for spending more than $1.99. At the rate my parents drink wine, I'd almost agree.).

So, if you are lucky enough to live in Trader Joe's Country, you might want to grab a bottle. Certainly better than Two-Buck-Chuck.


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