Shock and Awe. Shock and Awe.

Holy Smokes, Holy Crap, Holy Moly, Holy &*!!@Fff*?&AH!. Scrape me off the floor because this number the GC gave me knocked me flat over. A 120 square foot addition, that is only a "weathered shell", i.e. does not include drywall, plumbing, electrical, flooring, etc. Just foundation, exterior walls, stucco, demo of one wall, roof, etc.


That is $175 per square foot for a SHELL. Maybe I am smoking crack without even knowing it. When I figure out the brand of glue I'm sniffing, I'll let you know. In case you want to experience the obvious high I must be on. Perhaps I am grossly misinformed, but I did not expect the number to come back that high. Yes, Californians pay more for everything, I know, but that just seems insane to me. Foundation. Two exterior walls. Only two! Demo-ing one wall and throwing up a roof. Am I being unreasonable? I mean, this doesn't include any finish work at all. that number is slightly over what I was aiming to pay for the WHOLE DAMN THING.

For sure, I am getting me some more estimates. You bet your ass I am because if they all come back like this number, I am going to be my own GC. If it means I'll save 2-3K on their contracting supervision fees, I am there.

I need a drink. This Diet Coke is not cutting it.


  1. Shocking! But probably accurate. We had an estimate for stamped concrete in our backyard...Just concrete with lines and color stamped into it...I think it was going to be around 600sqft...$7800...we have a DIY deck now...$800...

  2. I tagged my blog about 6 unimportant things...


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