It's a Damn Stomp-fest Around Here

I'm not sure why I am a walking trigger of annoyance today, but everything is aggravating me. Most specifically, it is every person walking past my desk pretending to be part of the USC marching band.

Literally, every person that walks by (ok, not every person, but definitely more than one person) is like an elephant. Every particle of my being gets jostled around. It's like an earthquake, with the floor bouncing up and down. Imagine that you are trying to navigate some overly-complicated code and having a hard time figuring out a maze of connections and every 2 minutes, someone stomps by and you're whole body shakes including your brain and throws all your concentration out the window. You might have almost figured out where the heck to put this new piece of god-forsaken code, you're hot on the trail, and then "Boom! Boom! Boom!", feet of lead walk by, announcing their presence to the whole building.

Whatever happened to walking softly? Does the entire floor need to be aware of the fact that you are WALKING?

Damn this PMS!


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