Steve, We Need To Talk

Like many women, I have my fair share of Steve Madden shoes. I have owned more pairs than I can remember, with 4 pairs currently sitting in my closet - well, 3 pairs after this story. I probably own about 12 pairs of shoes, so he accounts for about 30% of my collection.

Generally, I like the styles, they hold up reasonably well to wear, and are a good value, considering I always buy on sale, at Marshalls/TJ Maxx places, or on eBay. Today, I put on a cute pair of patent leather heels with a little bow that I hadn't worn in a while, a while being at least a year. In fact, I've probably worn them only a handful of times.

Four hours later, they look like this (cell phone pic - not bad!):

The soles have disintegrated. I have, unknowingly, been leaving bits and pieces of black rubber all over the office. I left one huge chunk on the floor under my desk, along with a smattering of smaller chunks. On the way to the bathroom, I spotted two more. There's probably remnants of my shoes in the break-room and all the way out the door. At one point, I wondered if the the growing size of my thighs and arse caused my shoes to give up the good fight of holding me up. But seriously? At 120 pounds, while it's the most I've ever weighed, I'm still in the normal range, so, shoes shouldn't be buckling under my weight.

I don't know, Steve. You've gotta pick up your game, or else I may have to vote you out of my closet.


  1. Maybe they were supposed to be marked "irregulars" at marshall's? I'm just sayin....


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