Who Would Ever Want to be King

The reality is I'm a Pain In the Ass, with a Capital P. Sometimes I get it into my head that "this is what is it and I don't to hear it" which is ,really, the very thing I hate and rail about (read: close-minded conservatives who refuse to see the other side concerning health-care, poverty, same-sex marriage, etc.). Thankfully, I generally do it on less important things that don't affect people's civil liberties.

Before I launch into another angry political brain dump, the reason why I stating I am sometimes a Sciatic Nerve Pinch in the Ass: Coldplay is great.

There. I said it. At least I will admit when I am wrong (unlike, GWB, who is delusional and won't admit he made a collosal mistake invading Iraq. Anyway). For the longest time, I was convinced I didn't like Coldplay. The Husband does, and he would mention the album to try to get me to listen to them, but NOOO, I was having no part of it. Nope, "Coldplay is not my 'thing'."

Right. Guess who is going OCD with her repeat of the latest album? Yeah.

I kept hearing Viva La Vida on the radio, and really getting into it it. So, I decided yesterday, let's stick the latest album on the iPod, see what this shiz-nit is all about. And it rocks.

I did the same thing with KT Tunstall. Now I love her. Hopefully, I will learn to be less of a painful pimple on my husband's ass cheek. Don't hold your breath.


  1. Viva la vida is great! i really like coldplay and kt tunstall...she is one of the few complete albums I entirely downloaded on my ipod...


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