One of Those Days Where I Wish I Could Pee, Standing Up

It's rare, but today is one day where I envy the male gender's ability to use a urinal.

Why? Maybe because my quads are screaming in a most vociferous manner that the act of sitting hurts like a Mofo.

I used to be a fairly active runner, with a couple marathons, and several half marathons under my belt; however, I have not run -- at all -- since December of last year. We're talking 8 months, people. So, this past weekend, after making some good dinero at our garage sale, we proceeded to spend it on new running sneakers (yes, sneakers. I'm a Mass-hole and that's what they are). Feeling a little guilty about the purchase (though I've had the same pair for 2 years so I need to give myself a break), I felt the need to justify the sneakers' existence, so I laced 'em up Sunday morning, for a short little run.

I went about 1.5 miles at a 10 minute per mile pace which is good, and, really, I wasn't all that pooped. My cardiovascular shape is still intact, probably because of all the vinyasas in my Ashtanga practice. Today, however, my quads are cursing me. Every time I sit down, or walk down stairs, they are YELLING at me. Sure, it's no where near the pain felt in the days following a marathon (that is just wrong - last time I had to grip the hand-rails for Dear Life while going down stairs one foot at a time - that pain lasted 3 days), but it's still pain.

So, yeah, today would be a day where the ability to urinate in the standing position would certainly be helpful.


  1. Congrats on getting back into running! I'm still trying to convince myself to START running. I'm with you on the peeing standing up. I especially wish I was a boy in public bathrooms when you have to squat. No fun!


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