Kitchens are Not Portable

I can't get over people trying to sell their entire kitchen on Craigslist.

Kitchens have to be planned. You can't just stick the cabinets of one kitchen into another without some thought and likely modifications (unless they are the same model house of a tract, of course). It's like taking someone's teeth and sticking into someone else's mouth. I highly doubt dentures are that portable. I mean, I have spent a couple WEEKS mapping out our cabinets for the new kitchen. Nevermind trying to take someone's existing kitchen and square-peg it into my space. And the granite countertop? I can't see how that'll be an easy thing to move into another kitchen.

These look like they're in excellent shape - quite nice actually. Why would you want to rip that out?

I am actually wondering if maybe some of these people are near foreclosure. I have heard about people ripping stuff out of the house - generally appliances, fixtures (faucets, hardware, chandelier), etc. But the entire kitchen? I would not be surprised if this is the case, though. One ad says "must sell urgently due to financial crisis." I'm sorry, but how are you going to live in your house without a kitchen. You can, but it's ludicrous. Sounds to me like foreclosure is imminent and you are going to leave the bank with a fucking mess of a house.


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