The Hazards of Being Short

I recently bought two tops for yoga - the stretchy types with the built in bra shelf - so that I could have better, more comfortable, attire for my practice (which is more active, Ashtanga & Vinyasa). Being a 1/4 inch shy of 5 feet, I am short. Only 1.75 inches over being able to join the LPA (Little People of America). Now--normally--tops are fine for me as I have a longer torso and shorter legs (the short legs thing makes pants shopping an exercise in futility. I have maybe 2 stores where I can shop shop for pants). Well. I guess the part of my torso that is longer does not include the region from my boobs to my shoulders. I had bent over to put my gear away in the cubby hole at the studio, then stood up and walked into the yoga room, all nonchalantly, completely unaware. I see this woman kind of like staring at me, and I look down and nearly all of my boob is out. Like top part of my areola is showing. Lovely. I then proceed through the first 30 minutes of class, compulsively adjusting my top so I don't flash my boob which nearly happened about 7 more times (and for some reason, it was the left boob that wanted out, right boob was mostly staying put. mostly). Finally, I take my headband I tie up the straps behind near the base of my neck. That worked out ok, but then my hair look ridiculous, with this funny crimp across the top. Way to have a centered practice. The only act of being "present" I had was making sure I didn't show my funbags to nine other people.

And last week, the other top was almost as bad, but at least I didn't flash part of my nipple. Before Ashtanga practice I had to have the teacher tie up the back of that one with a rubber band.

Needless to say, the sewing kit is coming out and I will have to perform some reconstructive surgery on the strap portions of these tops.


  1. Feel your pain, my sista. Petite tops are hard to come by.


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