What's this stuff falling from the sky? Oh yeah, rain.

Well, this certainly would have been helpful a month ago. It is raining in Southern California. No, not, drizzle or showers, but full-on rain, all-day. Umbrella-requiring rain! It's funny, because not only are California humans all confused by it, but so are our pets. Nikki ruined the last hour of my sleep from 5am to 6am because she was crying about the *scary* sound of rain on the tile roof, ala Chicken Little. THE SKY IS FALLING! Shaking like a leaf. Granted, now that we have almost no attic (good 'ol volume ceilings and skylights), it was probably the loudest rain on a roof I have heard, but seriously. This dog needs to get over loud noises and let me sleep. She it too much of a wuss.

Then this morning, they both refused to go outside in the rain to do their morning business. No, sir! You would think they were both the Wicked Witch of the West and they'd melt on the spot! So I had to run around rearranging the garage so they could have access to the doggie door when they finally reached the "I can't hold it anymore" point (which I hope they use and don't decide to do #2 on my garage floor).


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