2008: Just Around the Corner (Thank God! I though it would never come)

The Forum Shopping Center...

I decided to check out the Panera in Carlsbad on Friday during my lunch hour (rather than driving to San Marcos - it's about the same distance). Anyway, it's in the Forum Shopping Center which is quite shi-shi. I have been there a few times, most notably to go to the Ashtanga Yoga Center to practice with the master Tim Miller. So, I go, thinking it can't be too busy, most people are at work, so it's probably a work crowd since businesses are plentiful in the surrounding area.

Well, I was wrong. Every 3rd person was a 30-something trendy moms and baby. I'll tell you, for some reason, I wanted to shrink into a corner. For sure, these women are predominantly stay-at-home moms who's husbands make bank, so they can stay home with the baby and go to lunch at the Forum. Don't ask me why I felt insecure by this, because I should feel some kind of pride in the fact that I work, but the reality is that I can never be a stay-at-home mom. We wouldn't be able to pay the mortgage. So, I suppose part of me feels like substandard in some way - like a lowly middle-class scrub who has to work to live.

Reading "Recently" Updated Blogs

One of the funnier things to do is read the "recently updated blogs". Basically, the majority of the blogs have been teenaged girls writing a buch of crap. One was all love poems to her boyfriend. And then in the comments, the boyfriend would comment that "no I love you more." I mean, that takes corny to an entirely new level.

The others had a general lack of punctuation and capitalization (which I wonder, is that them being lazy and not feeling like hitting the "Shift" key, or are US teenagers really that screwed as far as education?), and didn't have much point. I mean, hey, if they were to read my crap they'd probably be b like OMG, this chick is so old and boring. going 2 the mall now. toodles.

It also seems like they speak in texting language. You know, like you have a limited number of characters you can send, so you scrunch words and use numbers of stuff and use too many acronyms. So much for writing comprehensive sentences and a paragraph with some flow to it.

Heather Montag: An Example of Why, Generally Speaking, Life is not Fair

Basically, the only reason this chick has any fame whatsoever is because she ended up at the same school as Lauren Conrad of Laguna Beach, and became friends with her, thus planting her into to the MTV show "The Hills". Now, I'm not saying she's a bad person or whatever, she could be extremely nice, for all I know. (Actually, I kind of like watching the Hills even though I know it's completely mindless. It goes along the lines of liking to read trash magazines like US Weekly, and In Touch. I am somewhat embarrassed at the fact that I find pleasure in reading/watching this stuff). Anyway, so yesterday I come home and I find the hubby on the laptop and he's chuckling at something. He's like "you know that chick from the Hills?", and there she was in all her horrific lip synch-ing glory. I could sing better than her with strep throat.

That's right, she has a single and a record deal. WTF. This is why I say that sometimes Life Is Not Fair.

(And if you do end up watching that video clip, check out Spencer Pratt (her fiance) in the back. He looks ridiculous. Never mind her dance moves - I mean, I can't dance at all, but she looks pretty darn awkward if you ask me).


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