Should Probably Be Mopping the Floor, But Instead, Procrastination

So I know there's a "Crazy Cat Lady" but I feel like I have the potential to become the "Crazy Dog Lady"

Last weekend I impulsively decided to foster a dog (like 2 wasn't enough). But I couldn't help it - seriously, this dog is so cute in the dorkiest way. He is likely a German Shorthaired Pointer and Saluki (or Whippet) mix which is about a weird of a cross as it gets. His face is too funny - it looks like he got punched in the nose or slammed into a wall because his nose is like a 1/2 inch off center. And his mouth appears to be too small to hold all his teeth because they are so crooked. But such a cutie and a good boy. Hopefully he gets a good home (though secretly I kind of want him to stick around the rescue until I have the bandwith to handle another dog or when Rusty finally buys the farm).

On Repeat is...

my newest music addiction, Sara Bareilles. I tend to be one of those borderline OCD types where I can listen to the same song over and over again. Repeat was made for me. Anyway, the whole darn album is good. Love Song was what reeled me in though - heard is randomly on Sirius 9, the Pulse. When I hear artists like her (and Norah Jones, Corrinne Bailey Rae, Colie Callait, etc) it kind of makes me wish that I had pursued music. I enjoy it more than being a programmer! And I swear I'm happy as a clam doing karaoke (not to mention that I have all that Piano under my belt). But the fact of the matter is it would have been alot of hard work and perhaps I am not willing to be that uncomfortable. I don't want to be strapped for cash all the time and without health insurance because I can't have a real job due to the time necessary to try to cultivate a musical career. And I was raised to value money and security more so that doing something that perhaps I would enjoy more...

I am typing this on my new Mac Mini!

Yup, I succumbed and bought it. I am on a mission to remove my depedency on Microsoft. It's not like it's great stuff and the virus stuff is a pain in the ass. Plus, as a Java programmer, they produce the only real viable enterprise-level framework that can perhaps compete with Java EE. To me, it's not as good as Java since you have to pay for it (and then pay some more, and some more, etc) and it has to be run on servers running Microsoft operating systems (pay some more). Screw that. Java is free, run on whatever you got.


I think I need to suck it up and just do it. Last night we were watching a DVR's 60 minutes and the were talking about sharks and all the hoopla with attacks and such. They also talked about how expensive shark fins are and though it's illegal in most countries to "harvest" them, sell them, the sharks are usually caught in international waters where there is no law. They showed some footage of "fishermen" (that's a nice term for them, I can think of more appropriate words to descrive these people) catching them and just cutting off their fins (alive, mind you) and then just dumping them back in to die. It really disgusted me the disrespect for life. I mean, I think I would be less disgusted if they actually used the whole animal, I mean, they sell shark meat. It is abhorrent to me to leave them to die like that -- if that animal is giving it's live to you so you can eat, then use the whole animal, not just 5% of it's body and leave the rest to rot. So please skip the shark fin soup if you're in China.

And Can't Forget This! ArgsafLsga!@!#!#JHJLK. F'ing Red Sox

Are pulling another September choke, going from 5.5 games ahead a few weeks ago to only 1.5 ahead. Well today it's 2.5 games ahead. And at least the Yankees are losing to Tampa bay -- looks like they came back in the 8th inning to take the lead. He he. Well, we'll see because if the Red Sox will their division they may still choke. Can't get your hopes up with them -- at least I can't.


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