Roar Lions Roar

My Alma Mater in the News Again. And Again it's Controversial.

Last time it was some less than becoming student behavior at the Columbia College Republicans' Minuteman Forum, which, I admit, was pretty childish considering it's an ivy league school (they basically boo'd and heckled speakers and made a ruckus). However, I was still happy to see that the students actually care about politics enough to do *something* (albeit immature), and thank God they were on the side of the "good guys" :o)

This time it's the Iranian president, Ahmadinejad. While I was impressed that Columbia chose to invite him, it did seem a little odd. What was more weird was Bolliger's introduction. He basically bashed the guy that he invited, which was strange. I mean, hey, this dude, Ahmadinejad, is completely delusional (no homosexuals in Iran? Right.) and a good chunk of the stuff he was spewing was most likely "propaganda" to promote Iran as a cosmopolitan society (women have the utmost freedom? Doesn't appear that homosexuals do, though. So much for that forward-thinking, open society). That being said, you don't invite someone and then bash him in his introduction. It's bad manners.

Anyway, after reading some articles on the talk, I feel no better about the Middle East. The only luke-warm thing I read was that Ahmadinejad is convinced that Iraq doesn't need our help. Good! Let's get the f**k out of there! Our dollar is in the shitter. The economy is teetering on the ledge of a tall building, about to commit recession suicide -- but we need to spend another 190 billion dollars on this "war"? Let's listen to the only somewhat sane thing this crazy mo-fo dictator said and get the hell out of there already.

The Halti/Gentle Leader

One of my many (I am not even sure how many I have, probably a ba-jillion) pet peeves is people's ignorant reactions to the halti collar. Now, we all know, that a good number of dogs pull when they are taken for a walk. They get so excited they could care less about who is on the other end of the leash and the pull like a maniac, choking themselves, god-awful noises, like you are killing them. They do it to themselves. Anyway, this makes for a crappy walking experience. So, the Halti collar to the rescue. Stops them from pulling because pulling just leads them to turn their heads towards you, which is pointless, yes?

Unfortunately, people not educated on dogs and training think its a muzzle. I cannot tell you how many times people stop with looks of apprehension at my 25 pound Miniature Australian Shepherd. I mean, seriously, she has a really small jaw. Dogs like her were not bred to do damage via biting. They are for herding, so the most they can do is nip (which is why she is screwed if they ever gets into a serious dog fight - she can't do diddly squat). One time these teenagers looks at my two pups with their haltis on as she walked by and whined "please don't kill me". Are you serious? And just yesterday this Asian lady stopped in her tracks like Nikki was an attack dog.

If you just look at the collar with some common sense you'll see that it couldn't possibly be a muzzle. Their jaws are free to bite and eat whatever they please! Bah!

At least it's Friday!!! And Pay Day! And the one day a week I allow myself to splurge on Starbucks! Woo hoo!

Oh, it's the little things in life. Doesn't take much to please me, I guess :o)


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