Pet Peeve #49: Drivers Who Stop Too Close to My Rear Bumper on an Incline

Why Sometimes I Should Be More Selfish

Thursday evening consisted of a wild-goose chase. I had agreed to sub for a yoga class two towns away after I had already taught a morning and lunch-time class. (Note that the prior evening, I subjected myself to 90 minutes of Bikram yoga which turned out to be better than the previous time I went, I think because I hydrated like crazy during the day). I was pretty tired and worn out, but she was in a bind (or so my "boss" said the instructor was), so I agreed.

It ends up taking me over 40 minutes to get there because of traffic; every f'ing light is red, my left knee is screaming from the constant up and down shifting and I end up about 5-7 minutes late. I have never been to this branch, so I am running around (literally, I was running) the gym like a maniac, looking for the aerobic room and I finally find it (after getting a bunch of really strange looks from people) and there is a kickboxing class going on!! So I immediately think: "oh it's because I'm late, they threw in another class". No. Not the case. I go over and talk to the front-desk girl and yoga isn't even on the schedule. The last class was 4:30 and there isn't yoga at 7pm at all on any day as far as she can see.

So, I'm kind of peeved. I call her cell phone, and of course, no answer. I leave a message asking "Did I misunderstand something? Was there a different day or location I was supposed to sub? Please call me back".

It is now 4 days later and no phone call, no email. I mean, after sending someone to sub for a non-existent class on short notice, wouldn't you apologize or explain? It's madness. My previous coordinator when I was up in the IE would never have done that. She would have responded with some kind of explanation and/or apology. Completely unprofessional.

Shi-Tzu in the Back of a Pick Up Truck

Now, normally, when you see dogs in the back of pickups, it's normally something like a lab, or some other big, strapping dog. But I saw a Shi-Tzu in the back of a black pickup last week and it just struck me as really funny. Shi-tzus are like 12-15 pounds. A small, toy breed. A lap dog. Doesn't take up alot of space. So to see this guy hanging out in the bed of the truck, clearly loving it, was definitely something to smile at. Another indicator that little dogs think they are big dogs.


Did you ever notice that faily often, mobile home park names are termed "Estates"? It cracks me up. The last one I saw was "Palomar West Estates". And you look at the mobiles and they are on fairly small plots of land. So what part of them is actually estate-like? Not the land. Clearly not the structure (and you can't argue that a permanent foundation under the mobile makes a difference). I mean, talk about trying to make yourself feel better about living in a mobile home development by calling it an "estate". It's like that funny reverse psychology that the Bush Administration uses like "Healthy Forests", and "Clear Skies" (which was actually more cutting down of trees and weaker environmental standards). I mean, at least calling mobile homes, "Estates", is just delusional for the people living there and doesn't hurt the global population. Ah well. 469 days until Inauguration 2009.


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