Let's Go Red Sox!

My aching everything.

Seriously. The fires forced me to take a week-long break from yoga. I went to a Saturday morning class (intermediate/advanced) at one of the studios where I teach and holy moly. I am still sore 2 days later with no apparent relief in sight (I almost wrote "site". Nice. Good thing for my Ivy League education). I mean, the way my back feels you'd think my weekend was spent carrying a goat on my back up a large mountain.

So, as I have said before, it is bad to take long breaks from yoga as when you get back you are in for a world of hurt [it is good hurt though :o) ].

And my muscles better suck it up because I am scheduled to teach 4 classes in the next 2 days. (Update: possibly 6 in 3 days. The Y coordinator left me a vm asking about teaching two on Halloween... wait that is 8 in 4 days since I have 2 on Thursday. Crap. You will need to peel me off my bed on Friday morning because I won't have the energy to do it myself).

(for the love of Pete. shortly after writing this I got ANOTHER call about subbing on Halloween at LA Fitness. At least I could say no to that because I am already on the hook at the Y. I should have some kids quick so that I have an excuse not to sub for EVERYONE on Halloween.)

The Caramel Apples That Were Not

Well, in my infinite wisdom (and also in the interest of saving a buck), I chose not to use pre-made caramels (those little squares with the clear wrapper) for the apple-dipping. I had found this recipe which looked oh-so-simple (just light brown suger, butter, and water. No double-boiler, etc). Well, it was crap. It never attained any kind of gooey or even remotely sticky consistency that it needs to be able to STICK to the apple. It was like water brown sugar. I thought maybe if I let it sit, it will congeal. No. Nothing. It just started crystallizing and looking like really bad melted Vermont Maple-Syrup candy (I miss that stuff! Used to get some whenever we went to New Hampshire for the family fall hiking trip).

So no apples. I am a little bummed. However, I am not all pissy about it which is good. I think maybe 4 or 5 years ago I might have gotten all annoyed with myself, but I let it go, mostly. And what am I taking away from this? That next time I must use the little square caramels because I am not Martha Stewart and am not able to create gooey caramel from scratch.

Anxiously Awaiting my Little Red Gadget

After pining away at iPods for at least a year, we have finally purchased the new Nano. Yay! I am kind of happy with my exercised restraint though because had we bought them only a few months back, we would have had our knickers in a bunch, fit-to-be-tied, etc, because the newer ones are way cooler, and the 8GB model is now $199 as opposed to the $249 is used to be (and only came in black!).

So, I am not going to obsess and check the order status online in a compulsive manner.


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