Where is my Concentration? Why is it Only Tuesday?

"Tenemous un regalo para ustedes." Ooh, so formal with the "ustedes"

Somehow, I have gotten onto some kind of Hispanic phone spam deal where they keep trying to call me and tell me they a gift for me. I haven't listened to the whole message yet; partly because I am paranoid they will somehow steal my identity, or charge me something because I inadvertently agreed to it by not speaking and listening to the whole message. I know. It's ludicrous. If they call a fourth time I may just listen, brush up on my Spanish.

What is interesting (at least to me, maybe this will turn out to be common knowledge for everyone else), is that the recording waits for audible input. This last time it called (attempt #3), I opened my cell without speaking, and "they" didn't say anything either. I tried a soft whistle. Nothing. Then I said "hello", and the Spanish dude started up about his "regalo" that he wants to give me.

I don't need your gift, Senor. I don’t care it if it in your pants. Thank you.

(And the number that shows up is a 763 area code. Google tells me this is Minnesota... Minnesota? Are they assuming by default that a Los Angeles area code must mean I am Mexican and speak Spanish? Is someone hawking my phone number? See, there goes the paranoia again!)

Girl Scout Nuts?

When did Girl Scouts start selling nuts? The daughter of a co-worker is hawking (that is my word today) these nuts, or at least, her dad is via order form in the caf (I am relieved it isn't a walk-around-office-and-ask-people because then you feel bad saying no). Anyway, when did this nuts thing start? I remember just doing the cookies. And the last 2 years, the nuts have come around. (Last year, hubby's friend was visiting and answered the door – it was a girl scout selling those nuts. So he bought some, but they wouldn't take his money until they delivered them. So we were stuck with the nut bill. I mean, it was like 12 bucks or something and hey were good, but I would rather save the $12 and go with the cookies).

And, apparently, the troop only gets 25% of the proceeds of selling the nuts. I think that's kind of bogus. Where does the rest go? I mean, these items are not cheap, so where does the rest of the money go?

I think I shall (“shall” is very underused, don’t you think?) wait for the cookies in the spring. I hear they are now trans-fat free, and I am all about the Samoas (thank god, L (the hubby) doesn't like coconut. All mine!)

Don't Leave the Country. Else You may have to declare bankruptcy when you get back.

The US Dollar is now worth less than the Canadian Dollar (well, as of September 28th.. It reached a 31-year high last Friday). Amazing. You know how in the back of books and such, the Canadian price is always higher? It’s this way for a good reason. Over the past 30 years, the CAN dollar has always been worth significantly less. As of today, $1 CAN gets you $1.02 US. Wow. Seriously. Forget Europe. 1 US gets you .70 Euros. 5 years ago it was around 1:1. Five years ago, 1 Canadian dollar got you about 65 US cents. Is anyone else scared? Or is it just me?

I think we are in for a recession, my friends. It's really sucky (I know, I am so sophisticated with my adjectives). Oil is ridiculous ($88 a barrel?), which means gas is back to being ridiculous ($3.something/gal), and the housing market still sucks like a Dyson. Or maybe it sucks like an Oreck. Certainly sucks more powerfully than a Hoover. Anyway, this is not good news. Surely, another rate cut is in store. And the dollar again will fall deeper into the crapper (which could make next year's obligatory trip to Italy require a 3rd mortgage. Which I won’t be able to get because we are in one of the worst credit crunches in history.). Ho hum. Thank you, George. You're the best.

(Oh, and I the “ba humbug” in me just walked into the break room, and caved and bought some Girl Scout peanut brittle.)


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