My Car's CD Player Shit the Bed Again... But Anyway...

Sunday Night Random Visit

I was grilling my veggies for my pasta salad brown bag lunch (this being the product of my vegetarianism attemp, which is going ok, btw) when the door bell rang. And as usual, we both groaned and got annoyed that people would actually be bothering us (yes, we can be quite anti-social). Luckily, the hubby answered the door (I was in the middle of flipping stuff, I was figuring it was someone trying to sell something since the dogs were inside, so Nikki couldn't be in the neighbor's yard again).

Turns out the original owners of the house, now living in Texas, wanted to see the house, which I though was odd. Anyway, onward. So, the mother was in the service and was stationed at Pendleton which was why they lived in our house for 5 years. I think the visit was mostly to show their kids (son and daughter) the first house they lived in since they probably don't rememer it too much. And what was really a doozy was they said they were in Oceanside because their son just got off an aircraft carrier, the Nimitz. He looked like maybe 16. I was like "how old are you?" Nineteen. Already in the military, following in his mother's footsteps. It took until later for me to realize how crazy it is that this kid still looks like a baby and could be sent to Iraq to die. It's really sad. I'll tell ya, I am so ready for this war to be over (which leads me to a side note that I may be leaning ever-so-slightly over to the Obama side... I read an article that reiterated what he said in a speech several months before we invaded Iraq and he was completely on the money. We are in the exact situation he described. He had the intelligence to know that and the balls to say it!).

Poor Britney

I feel pretty bad for Britney. If she was a lowly D-list celebrity like Shar Jackson (K-Fed's previous chick he had kids with), there would be no way in hell he would be fighting for custody. Britney is a cash cow for him, it's terrible. And she is a complete mess. I think she has some kind of psychological issue that could need medication. I mean, she was a hard enough worker to get to where she is now, she must have some kind of work ethic and sense of responsibility. But it's getting obscured by something. Either it's drugs or she's mentally ill. Either way, I hope she gets it together because Kevin Federline does not deserve to get anymore of her money.

Distaste for Authority... And the Questioning of the Arbitrary

I have come to the conclusion that in general, I don't like to take orders. And it's not that I like that about myself, I mean, at work I get tasks presented to me in as professional a manner as anything, but inside, I just wish I could say no. Isn't that funny? I mean it's probably pretty common and has something to do with being a control freak. I am able, for the most part, to keep it internal, but it's like 75% of the time, I get that teenage angst feeling. I need to work on it.

And my two cents on project managment... I am incapable of keeping my mouth shut when I hear something that doesn't make sense to me. I am working on a project that has no defined timeline, no documented tasks with estimates, no design docs, nothing. The project management is somewhat of a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants situation. So, at a meeting, a question arose, oh, can we get this one part done by this date? So I can't help but wonder: And then what? What significance does that date have without a plan for anythng else? We can't use this piece anywhere on it's own and as new things get done that I am depending on, I break that piece and put it back together. So what purpose does it have to say "we did this" without a clear direction of what next? I suppose I get frustrated with deadlines that get plucked out of the air when we really could have a defined schedule if someone put a day or two of analysis into it. Then there would be a published plan and it would provide some transparency to the process and the folks that are stakeholders in the product...

ho hum.

ba humbug.


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