More Rain Tomorrow! Woo Hoo!

I went shopping at Ross last night for something to wear to my hubby's office Christmas party. I completed in warp speed - I was in and out in about 30 minutes (including trying on 5 items!). Now, the Ross in my city is not exactly a bright and shiny place. It is very different from the Ross I used to frequent in Temecula. It's kind of dingy and very much in disarray. I had hoped to find some kind of interesting skirt - a skirt with pizazz. I was shocked to find that there weren't really any skirts - there were some in the clearance area (and the all sucked), but in the non-clearance area the skirts were mixed with pants which were mixed with jeans. And looking at the racks, it looked like mostly jeans. Goes to show you what kind of Ross this is -- further emphasized that is is not for the working professional woman (not even the business casual working woman).

Anyway, so I managed to locate a cute red top on clearance (6.99!) that I can at least use for the two very informal Christmas parties I have tomorrow. After a fruitless search in the pants/skirt area (why don't they just call it "bottoms", for Pete's sake), I zipped on over to the dresses area. The dresses were in as much of a mess as the rest of the place, and I almost gave up my search as it felt hopeless that I would find something un-hoochie-mama in my size. But I forged on ahead anyway because I am thorough! And wouldn't you know it, I found three dresses that worked! Crazy! I mean, I should have expected that knee-length dresses would work for me since I am short and pear-shaped; it's one of the few clothing items that I usually can wear without hemming and such, and the "skirt" portion of it works to conceal my larger bottom. Not to mention that I have short legs, so skirts are a crap shoot - I tried one at Target (I had high hopes for that skirt) and it made me feel like a hobbit, or perhaps a dwarf, since they have normal length torsos and short legs. It sat so stinkin' low on the hips (which I usually like but...) that the pleats began around the tops of my thighs and I just looked stumpy. Anyway, so with the dresses I ended up having a hard time picking one, so I bought two. They were so cheap I could justify it (19.99 and 25.99). And one of them is really cheeky - it's black with red polka dots, has an attached slip with red lace fringe that sticks out (very 40s), and a satin bow just below the boobage area. I think this is the Christmas party dress. I haven't worn something that fun since my feather boa and red satin Gap capris (alas, said pants were donated to the Salvation Army last year as I am 10 pounds than when I bought them in Dec 2000). The other dress is not as fun but still cute - it's red and the top part is halter-style with red satin straps. It fit so well that I figured if I didn't wear it this year, there's always next year. How often do you find a cute red dress that fits?! Come on! Now I just gotta make sure I maintain my weight so that I can wear it a year from now (Or lose. Lose would be nice, but I'll take maintain over a "poke in the eye with a stick" (where did this saying come from? It always cracks me up.)).


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