Hello, Second Nose

At an Christmas get-together this past weekend I remarked that my skin has been behaving remarkably well (cystic acne runs in my family and I have always had acne problems despite a course of accutane), and I believed it could be my new sans-meat diet that has been helping.

Well, the "not-so-fast-missy" gods must have heard me say this and decided to ruin my acne-free fun because directly under my already large nose, I am growing another one. I have a lovely red bump forming just under my septum. Isn't that lovely?

It's either the above mentioned "we'll-see-about-that" gods or maybe it's the 5 POUND BOX OF SEES CANDY that our office's property management company decided to give us for the holidays. I swear, this should not be allowed. I mean, just selling 80 ounces of candy in a box should be a crime. I have eaten somewhere in the ballpark of 10 chocolates in the last day or so. This is in addition to eating left-over Halloween candy someone decided to bring to the office.

And it hurts like a mo-fo. I am actually periodically "icing" it by sticking my cold diet coke can under my nose (I'm sure this looks really weird, but it's feels better when I put something cold on it).

I am so over this bad holiday eating - I am all set for January to come.

(And speaking of health/diet stuff, it was kind of a drag to watch both the twins on biggest loser win both prizes. I mean, both of them? 350,000? For some reason, I feel like that' s not fair - like a monopoly or something. Eh. So the finale was a little anti-climactic for me.)


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