There was Ice on my Windshield this Morning! Very Un-Southern California! Humph!

Before I forget, this must be documented. Saturday night, after having dinner at Le Passage in Carlsbad (good French cuisine, the food was really good. Not ideal, though, for the non-meat eater that I'm trying to be--the menu was 80% meat-oriented--but there were a few options. And Wine was pricey, too. L's rack of lamb looked good, but I stuck to my salad which was excellent. Anyway.), we decided to watch Almost Famous, before hitting the sack. Another side note: I love that movie. I tend to forget how great it is until I see it again. It's just really well made and for anyone that is an "The Office" show fan - Dwight Shroot is in that movie! He has a very small part as a employee at Rolling Stone. Alright, let me get to the purpose of this post already. Jeez! I am the queen of digressions and non sequiturs - it's a window into the actual way my head works (which is all over the place).

So, around 10pm, the door bell rings.

Immediately, I think of the worst thing, that it's a bad person who wants to like rob us and/or kill us. Nikki starts barking up a storm at the front door so we have to answer it at this point. I peek through the little side window by the door and I see two guys, somewhere in the 16-20 age range, dressed in red Christmas onesies and Santa hats. Ok? I answer the door and they tell me they are playing a Christmas game where they are going house-to-house and they have to collect an item larger than the item they got at the last house (an item of inconsequence - that we don't need). So, I gave them the first thing I found in our office: a stuffed bear holding a red heart. They, in return, were supposed to give me the frozen Capri Sun (remember those?) they had gotten at the last house. I let them keep it because what the hell and I going to do with a frozen Capri Sun? I ask them why they are doing this and I get a totally bogus explanation: That they are having an AP Bio party and this is one of the games they are playing.


I'm surprised his pants didn't burst into flames right there in front of me. It reminded me of the scavenger hunts we would have to go on as new members of my sorority. AP Bio? No, I don't think so. It was probably an athletic team or fraternity hazing. And why they were in our neighborhood is beyond me - I suppose they could've been from Cal State San Marcos or Mira Costa College, they both have Greek organizations. All I know is I had a good laugh. I mean, just recalling the image of these two guys in red Christmas onesies cracks me up. Too bad I didn't get a picture.


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