Please, Make it Stop!

I'd say, on my list of things I hate are muscle twitches. It is misery to have a muscle twitch - one that won't cease for hours at a time. I've have a twitch in my shoulder that started this morning at like 8am and has been going for the last 2 hours. It's like my shoulder is having Turret's syndrome or something (which, by the way, during important meetings I always get the urge to yell something ridiculous out like I have Turret's. And then everyone would look at me like I was crazy. What is that?).

I have a feeling this devil twitch may have something to do with the ridiculously hot Bikram yoga class I went to last night. I've been to 6 classes thus far, none have felt as hot as this one. The thermostat registered 105 but it sure felt hotter than that. I mean, I was envisioning that an egg could cook very nicely on the floor of the yoga room, right next to my mat. It took much mental energy to make myself not leave the room. Just laying on the floor was a struggle. I don't believe I have ever sweat that much in my lifetime - so my guess is that I my sodium potassium (Na and K) levels are a wee-bit off kilter (I read somewhere that these twitches can be caused by something relating to Na-K levels). I probably left all my body's minerals and electrolytes on the floor over there and in my clothing (the small amount I was wearing because when I go to that class, I disregard all modesty and wear bike shorts and a sports bra. That's it. I don't care if people see my bell rolls when I fold over - it's too stinkin' hot for normal workout clothes). Holy Lord, it was hot. Now I know why I do mostly Hatha/Vinyasa yoga. I like the occasional sweat-fest, but several times a week of that is beyond my capacity.

And the giant pimple cyst is no better today - still hurts like the dickens, perhaps redder and more acute (smaller circle of redness but more acute pain). It's like that Family Guy episode where Chris's zit takes him hostage and grabs a gun to shoot hi dermatologist. That show rocks.


  1. did you see the star wars family guy short film?

  2. I don't think I have. I will have to look for that - I wonder if it is on YouTube.

    We love that show, it is too much. I crack up. One of the funnier ones is also the one where Lois and Peter decide to smoke weed and are all high and she tells the dog, Brian, that Peter is knocking at the back door and should she let him in. I think I need to buy the rest of the DVD set.


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