Spaceballs!? Oh, Shit. There Goes the Planet.

On Friday I received a package in the mail. Inside, I found a Backwards Bush count-down key chain and no indication of who sent it. It came directly from the distributer and no receipt indicating who had paid for it. So far, I am stumped. I thought maybe it was L because he had sent me the link of the Hilary nut-cracker and then also sent me the link of the count-down key chain. But he wasn't the mystery liberal gifter.

I then went to a Christmas party of an old co-worker who knows how much I dislike this president. He didn't sent it either, nor did anyone else at the shindig. My father thinks it could be either my grandmother or my Italian aunt. My grandmother also popped into my head as a potential because she has my new address and hates Bush more than I do. So hopefully tonight I will find out if she is the peddler of anti-GOP paraphernalia. Whoever it is will be getting a thank you card because it made my day, receiving that little piece of plastic, made in China, digital timer. I look at it a couple time a day. Right now we still have 399 days, 12 hours, 17 minutes, and 33 seconds. It seems like an eternity - but I think it will go by faster starting next month when the caucuses and primaries come into full-swing. I can't wait!

What kind of cracked me up when I got this thing was how obvious my feelings are for this buffoon. Apparently, my distaste resonates pretty clearly, to people I don't even talk to very often. Am I that transparent? Apparently so. Do I care? Eh, not so much.

(And how about this? This is ridiculous.)


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