Oh Plumber, Where Art Thou?

Well, he came by this morning just before 7am, checked everything out and measured, then said he didn't have all the stuff he needed but he would call a buddy who might have enough copper to do the whole job. Turns out, he does, and supposedly would be here around 10am... but it's 10:30am and no sign of him. He seems honest and I think he'll show, but living with a canal in the center of my house wasn't exactly how I envisioned recreating our experience in Venice.

I still am not sure what this will cost but, for sure, it ain't cheap. It'll be in the thousands, I am sure. If we can keep it to under 5K that would be ideal. I'm glad we have a big emergency fund. Had I listened, entirely, to What's His Nuts, Dave Ramsey, we would only have 1k in the fund and we would be up Shit's Creek without a paddle.

And this whole, un-washed-ness is really not fabulous either. My face, the most fertile breeding ground for acne this side of the Mississippi, is starting to have that lovely sheen. It's starting to cackle hysterically, like the Wicked Witch of the West, ready to erupt. And the Husband? Still un-showered since Friday morning. If we were at a foul armpit smelling contest he would probably win.

Yep, we are now official members of the Unwashed Masses.


  1. I had a plumber once that was fixing a bathroom in my house that I rented. He didn't show up, didn't show up and I then started complaining to my rental company. They looked into it and it turned out that my plumber died. DOH!

  2. That is crazy! Wow, poor guy.

    My guys showed and now I have about 10-12 holes in my walls with more to come tomorrow. Still can't turn the water on, but at least they started!


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