Is It One of Those Days Again?

It's always fun when you forget that wearing a bra is a necessity. Especially on a work day.

This morning I was up at the ass-cheek-smacking early hour of 5:40am, getting ready for the 7am First Series Ashtanga class. This entails getting dressed, while also remembering (1) hand towel, (2) clothes for work, (3) clothes for Tuesday night class that I teach. There are so many opportunities for error in this process. Especially if you are me.

Around 7:15am, folding forward for my second sun salutation when I realized I had forgotten a bra for my work attire. Nice. And, though I am petite, I do, indeed, still need to wear support. Driving all the way back home was not an option - that would take entirely too long. Luckily there is a Target in the next shopping plaza from the shala.

The part that is "unluckily" is that getting a quality hooter-holder at Target is a complete crapshoot. I didn't have time to try it one, plus I was a sweaty mess after class, so I had to wing it. I even bought a shirt because the one I brought requires a decent bra which I knew might be hard to achieve. So I bought the most normal/plain shaped top I could find. Still, I feel like I have molded boobs that are entirely to "lifted" in this crappy Exhilaration brand bra. I feel like a hootchie waling around the office, all pushed-up and padded. Oh, what a waste of my well-earned money this mistake was. I am not sure I will ever wear this bra again it sucks so badly. Sure, I could return it, but that feels wrong, returning a bra after I've worn it the entire day.


Today's Lesson: Remember to pack all your clothing, including all pieces of underwear. And avoid Target bras.


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