Have We Lost Our Way?

Wow, I am so disheartened with our country today. I hope we can pull out of this mess, I have never seen us in such a dark hole in my entire life.

First, I read that Bush repealed the executive ban on off-shore drilling, which, thankfully is symbolic since there is still a federal law banning it, but I fear this will create momentum towards repealing the law which is just terrible. The solution to addiction to a substance is NOT to consume more of it. Yet, this is exactly what we would be doing, rather than finding a solution. I'm sure all the money he has invested in oil companies would grow exponentially, if he gets his way. I don't trust him as far as I can throw him.

Then. I read that some idiot pundit, John McLaughlin referred to Obama as an "Oreo". And on top of it, the New Yorker magazine was totally out-of-touch and put out a cover with a caricature of Michelle and Barack Obama fist-bumping in the White House, dressed as Muslims, with the American flag burning in the fireplace. How is that funny? Or even satirical? All that does is give all the bigots, the racists, and the ignorant more fuel for their fire.

And then, I read that a third female soldier has been murdered in the past 7 months, which is so sad. I am beginning to wonder if women are treated with respect when they are in the military, serving our country. These crimes make me think they aren't.

I am losing faith in our country. I'm not even angry in that fired-up, political way. I feel beaten-down, and saddened, and at-times, disgusted with what we have become.


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