Cuil is not Cool

Well, supposedly that's how you pronounce "cuil", like "cool". It's yet another search engine trying to compete with Google, built by an ex-Google employee. I tried it today and it kind of sucks. I was hoping it would blow my mind because I'm am not one to support monopolies (and Google totally is) but this thing is slow. And the results layout is weird and not conducive to scanning through to determine whether you want to click on the link or not.

Venture capitalists paid 33 million to fund this thing? Well, for sure, they had better beef up their response time because it's bad. It's like go get a coffee while you wait for your results. Sure, there might be an onslaught of requests happening this morning since it's a headline on and it's their first "live" day, but you should be able to deal with that if you expect to best Google.


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