Apparently, the US economy isn't the only one hurting.

Sunday morning I have my weekly phone call with my parents over in the Old County (Italy). They spend summers there, from May to August (they retired at 55 - talk about lucky! Rather it is the result of ridiculous frugality, but that is another story entirely), and if I miss a weekend phone call, my mother immediately assumes I'm dead, lying in a ditch somewhere. I guess that's one of the side-effects of being the only child of a paranoid worrisome mother. My father's latest news from Italy was that apparently the economy is doing badly over there. And the prostitutes in the Veneto region are taking matters into their own hands by offering Euro saving promotions! Buy three ladies and the fourth one is complimentary!

I mean, when the prostitutes start offering bogo deals, that is serious. I guess we're no the only ones getting squeezed right now!


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