I Am a Total Zombie Today

God, Universe, Great Spirit, Anyone, help me. Please. We are still without water. The plumbers worked until 1am last night, and when they finished soldering everything, we tried the water but, of course, it wasn't 100% right. There was an active line still, somehow, connected, and again, the same area got more water, as well as wall containing the washer/dryer hookups. After a 12 hour day, there was no way they were going to be able to figure out the problem. So, here we are, day 4, without running water. Today, they will come back again. I am praying they will figure it out.

Beyond the above nightmare, I am somewhat of a mess today because I am operating on 3 hours of sleep.


One, we were up until 1:30am with the plumbers.

Two, we are sleeping in a full-size bed in the middle guest bedroom. It's the only bedroom that isn't full of drywall dust, and a full-size bed gets a little cramped when you're sharing it with a six-foot-two husband and a dog.

Three--the most unsettling of the reasons--was my fear that a mouse would climb up the bed and walk on me. Yup, we have a mouse, or two, who knows how many. I was in the garage with the plumbers, when I saw him, about 5 feet in front of me - a little dark shadow scurried under a shelving unit. I finally got a good glimpse of the little bugger about 15 feet away, when he emerged once more. He was actually quite cute - small little mouse, with the little round ears, just like Mickey Mouse. But in no way do I welcome him in my house. I don't eat meat because I don't want to kill animals for good, but I WILL kill the mice in my house. They carry too many diseases and multiply like mad. Big problem now is that we have several large holes in the garage wall and ceiling and then 15-20 holes in the walls and ceilings in the house. It is like an open invitation for the mouse to move in from the garage. I probably fell asleep sometime around 2:30am trying to get my mind off the mouse and what part of the house he was scurrying around. I swear, this week has been Hell on Wheels.

And finally, fourth reason on why I got no sleep is we got up at 5:45am. We have no ability to flush toilets anymore (not so good when you have to drop the kids off at the pool), can't shower, so the only option left for us was to shower at my office. So, with nature calling, and the inability to flush combined with need to shower, I arrived at the office with the Husband at 6:20am.

I am surprised I even functional, at this point.


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