Family Planning - Chacha-Style

When it comes to money, large purchases, I am really conservative. I will research, plan, consider all the options, until I have thoroughly cooked it in my head. Once it's baked, I am good to go, decision made.

That's how I am treating the idea of having children. In my head, right now, they are a huge, ginourmous purchase. I know that is kind of objectifying the whole "magical" process but in order for me to be comfortable with taking on the responsibility, I have to think about it this way. I know, I'm weird, and you're probably thinking I shouldn't even have children because I am talking about them like they are a new car or something.

I know there's never a good time to have kids but the reality is we have a mortgage that requires we both work. One income won't cover it - maybe just mine would but it would be brutally tight. And there is no selling and downsizing (we already did) because the value has dropped below the mortgage balance. Thank you Mr. Greenspan for keeping the rate way too low for way too long - now the entire housing market is fucked because money was so cheap they lent it to the completely irresponsible who probably couldn't even pay their electric bills.

I need plan this because day care is expensive - like $1000 a month. Which turns out is about the same monthly amount we were spending on non-house debts in the beginning of the year. There is still about $15,000 left to pay before we're free - one car and my last student loan. If we keep pace - keep our jobs, we'll be done by June-ish next year. Which still seems to soon, but, like everyone tells me, there's never a "good" time and I don't want to find myself in my late 30s unable to have any because my ovaries are dried up and useless. Nice visual, right?


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