Home Sweet Home

Back in April, I submitted a request to the county tax collector for reassessment for my home value. I did all my comps research and came up with $453,146.

Well, the Assessor's office decided I am even more fucked than I, the eternal realist, thought I was. They came back with $450,000. A 15% loss in one year. Sure, less taxes for me to pay - that's a savings of over $800/year. But it certainly makes the reality of my depressed home value more concrete. And the fact that we are underwater is now truly official. I have a feeling I'll be submitting for reassessment again next year - because I could only DREAM of getting 450K for our house seeing as I saw our same model this week in the MLS, a foreclosure, for 349K.

Guess I'll be staying in this house for the next 10 years or more.


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