Don't Touch My Box!

So I bitched about Craigslist last time I sold something on it, but here I am, at it again, putting myself through the same aggravation. I am selling two things on Craigslist (a PB style entry bench and shelf, and a speaker system) and as usual, have gotten quite a few responses, and am thinking most will be flake-a-roos. I suppose I could hold on to the items and wait until my garage sale next month, but they will not get their true monetary value if I peddle them on my driveway. I will get totally nickeled and dimed. Alas, I am resigned to dealing with the mildly interested who are more chatty than committal. Royal Pain in the Ass.

I am also currently fretting over the fact that I have a 40 pound box sitting outside my front door that UPS deposited there from Overstock around 1pm (why would they not require a signature for such a large shipment??). For whatever reason, I am "Ye of Little Faith" when it comes to the general public and fear that someone will swipe it. It's a set of nesting tables to replace an old Ikea end table. And how fast is freaking Overstock? I ordered them on late Sunday night and they are already here. Three days. That is lightning fast. Nearly beat my bluetooth headset which took a ridiculously long time to go only 100 miles (from LA county to SD County). Like just got it yesterday, the 9th, and ordered it on the 1st.

Nobody better touch my box! I would think it's safe, we're in a decent neighborhood but you never know with these people.



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