Never Thought The Day Would Come...

...when I would actually say that I like a Republican politician. No, it's not McCain. McWrinkle, McSeniorMoment, McFlipFlopper, McSayAnythingToWin. I used to have respect for him but that's totally gone.

No, the dude I am referring to is Governer Schwartzenegger. I didn't vote for him either time, but I am considering it next time around. The fact that he is opposing off-shore drilling, standing up for what he believes, rather than participating in the McCain-Bush political pandering, is refreshing. The idea that drilling for oil off the coasts is going to solve our problem is preposterous. Never mind that nearly 80% of existing off-shore leases are not even being explored/drilled. 68 million acres onshore and offshore are available for them to explore, yet they want the whole kit and kaboodle. They want to desecrate all our coastlines. It's a political game they are playing - in a sad attempt derail the Obama-fest currently happening in this country.

They have no other way to win than prostitute our country's land.

We've had $4 gas for a while. A long while. Tell me, why would it be a hot issue NOW? Hmm? Gee, timing is awfully suspect - less than 100 days from the election. If this was the panacea to our struggling economy, why not push it 6 or 7 months ago when it was clear we were hurtling towards a recession?

Maybe because it's a crock of horse-shit and they know it.

[stepping off my soap box] Guess I got a little off-topic. Anyway, the Terminator has grown on me.


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