I Can't Help It - My Nose is Big

I am an admitted Google stalker. I will Google just about anyone's that I have known in the past. The worlds I find most interesting to peer into through the Google glass are those of the people that I no longer talk to - connections that ended in some kind of falling out or former romantic involvements (if I can remember how to spell their full names, ha!). The latter is probably where I could waste hours and hours on end on the computer.

It's sometimes surprising to see where they've ended up, even geographically. The last Google-ing I did was of a "fling" that lasted a couple weeks when I first moved out the Los Angeles right after college. I've since married and moved four times all around Southern California - from Redondo Beach to Harbor City to Lake Elsinore and now to Oceanside. Three different counties - and what is kind of wacky is this one fling appears to be living in the town next door. Few miles or so away - it's not a big city. It's really a small world. And another chick who I was friends with in college but then got retarded on me, lives about 15-20 miles south. I am still waiting to see if I'm bump into either of them, though will I even recognize people I haven't seen in almost 10 years? And vice versa? I mean, I tend to look the same through the years, but still. It's not like you see someone and immediately remember his or her from 8 or 9 years ago.

Hopefully I am not the only wacky Google stalker out there. I'm just too damn nosy. It's like when we go out to eat or wine taste or whatever, I always end up eavesdropping on conversations happening nearby. The Husband always chastises me for it when I try to yenta to him about what I'm hearing - because, really, it's none of my business, but I can't help it. My ears were built to listen to other's people's conversations. It's probably the same reason I enjoy reality television.

Well, the soda machine is calling my name, singing the praises of it's company-paid cans of Diet Coke. I must oblige.


  1. I'm a complete Google stalker. I Google friends, ex-boyfriends, coworkers, even myself. I've found some very interesting things through Google!


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