Craigslist - It's a Love-Hate Relationship

In preparation for our kitchen addition/remodel, I have been researching, Googling, planning, calculating, and Craigslisting. On my list of purchases was, obviously, a kitchen sink (can't reuse the existing - it is one of those Corian built-into the countertop things). I had decided on the Ikea Domsjo farmhouse/apron sink - I love it and the price is great ($312 - most farmhouse sinks will cost minimum $700).

Here is it in a kitchen pic I pulled from google images:

On a whim, I checked Craigslist for "apron sink" and holy crapola! A guy is selling one, still in the box, because his wife changed her mind about the design and he can't return it (it's past 6 months since the original purchase). About 1 mile from my office. New, in box, $150! No tax, no shipping, etc. It's like a $190 savings! Woo hoo!

That'll pay for the faucet (I think I'm going to go with the oil-rubbed finish, I have my eye on one on And this sink is a heavy motherfucker. We will have to make sure we support it properly in the likely non-Ikea cabinets we purchase.

Now if only we could just get this project permitted and started already! This waiting so does not work for my personality. When I make the decision to start something, I'm ready to go. Waiting around just makes me insane!


  1. I would scream if I got as lucky as you! I too am hunting down craigslist trying to find a cheaper farmhouse apron/sink!


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