Yet More Kitchen Adventures

This weekend, I got through all the back splash that was on the "wall" - now all that's left is that little ledge over the sink which I can guarantee you if going to involve a stream of swears flowing out of my mouth. It is very angle-y, so, I know it's going to try my patience. Hopefully I can finish it all this weekend. It's a big goal, but, seriously, I have been working on this backsplash for too long.

Here is a newly tiled, not yet grouted, area which is nothing to "wow" over.

The unfortunate part of tiling that area was the outlet on the right that bit me. Lesson #... oh, who's counting at this point... Even if you think you're hands are dry enough, but may be slightly damp, don't touch the damn electrical outlet! I have handled the metal part where it screws into the wall a million times without gloves and the electricity on, but, I guess, never with slightly damp hands. I dried them on a dish towel, but I guess since my fingers were practically prunes from rinsing off mortar every two seconds, it was impossible to dry them completely. I let out a scream that scared the crap out of the Husband. I haven't been shocked since I was four when I decided to find out what would happen if I put my finger on the metal plug as I inserted into the extension cord. Never did that again. Anyway.

The Husband also got around to installing the molding at the top of the cabinets - IKEA calls it the "deco strip". We ended up putting it in with construction adhesive since all other ways of attachment with screws/nails post-cabinet installation was messy. It's hardly an area that gets "traffic" so, glue is fine. Hopefully he will get to molding that goes at the bottom of the upper cabinet this weekend. That'll help hide upper seam of the backsplash and also hide under cabinet lighting should we ever choose to install it.

Oh, and I splurged on a red kitchen accessory that was 50% off at Target ($7). For now, I've got my wooden spoons in there and if I ever decide I need a different color, I can spray paint it.


  1. love the red utensil holder!

    how did you decide where to tile at the edge of your cabinet (pic #1)? We have a similar situation with one of our walls and aren't sure if we should carry the tile straight across or follow an alternative path as you did.

  2. I am also a big fan of the red touches. Cool utensil holder!

    I'm glad to know you can do what you did at four and live to tell about it. Any day now, my adventurous boy is going to stick a butter knife in a socket to spite me.

  3. We have all kinds of weird angles and heights going on with this kitchen (probably because we re-purposed an area that was formerly a dining nook and added pass-through where it was once a wall).

    The motivation for me was that I didn't want to have to install tile at full 18" height all the way to the windows - I figured it would be a royal pain in the bee-hind to try to do that at every window opening - I would have 6 (3 windows x 2) different corners/transitions to deal with. So I said "screw it." I probably should have dropped it all the way down on the first corner, but I hated the idea of only having the backsplash 1.5 tiles high where it met the countertop. So, wherever the backsplash meets the counter, I have it at least two tiles high. For the window area, I'm not having anything on the wall other than what you see there on that last corner. I will use quarter round tile (or if that proves impossible, I'll get wood, paint it white and nail it to the wall) on the edges to finish off where the shelf area meets the wall and window.

    There is one other small area where I have no tile at the counter: the part where the counter wraps around a bit to the other side (bar stool area - probably in some pictures in previous posts). You should have seen the ugliness I created trying to go around the beam. It was an abomination. I tried, but it was pointless. I wish I had taken a picture but I ripped it on the next day because it was so bad.

  4. I like the red utensil holder too! You are funny with your justification of buying a SEVEN DOLLAR utensil holder. For seven dollars you can chunk it and get a blue one tomorrow! No spray painting necessary...

    The tile looks great...why repurpose when you have those skills?

    I stuck my finger in a telephone line jack when I was 5. I was supposed to be taking a nap. I never told anyone. The pulsating eventually stopped. So I feel your pain...

  5. ahh - i see. thanks for the description. i think we are probably just going to have to play with it. we only have one spot that is a little out of the ordinary and I think we are thinking too hard about how to tile it.



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