If I Actually Had a Checklist...

...I could cross the pot filler off as DONE! I actually have about 18 million ad hoc to-do lists, so perhaps I could cross it off several times on some old, scribbled down, doodled lists in my work notebook. The only annoyance with the pot filler is that it's a little crooked, through no fault of the plumber. I read another guy's comment of this same fixture on Amazon and he said his leans as well. If I really had it in me, I would harass Danze about it, but it works, it's not leaking, it just leans some likely because of the weight of the it (it is definitely a solid fixture, nothing flimsy about it). Probably, they'd just send me another one of the exact model (after 9 weeks, no doubt) and it would do the same thing and I'd be out more money to the plumber.

Gratuitous shot of a completed backsplash section:

Here are the assembled stools from Walmart I am itching to paint red. They look nice as-is (can't knock 'em for $37 a piece), but I am jonesing for some colorful pieces like Girly Stuff's red hutch and Liz's (Mabel's House) turquoise cabinet.

Sitting there on the side is a can of spray texture from Lowe's - it is the most evil smelling, caustic stuff ever. The orange-peel spray from Home Depot smells good and washes up with water. This stuff from Lowe's smells dangerous and cleans up with paint thinner. Last time I buy orange peel spray from Lowe's.

Also, just to show you how haphazard I am with house projects lately, I had the overwhelming need last week to hang something up in the kitchen area that was decorative. It's a little strange, but I just couldn't help it. So I painted up that area with the Water Chestnut and hung up my $5 Ross Wino Art.

High today is 80 degrees and sunny! Too bad it's not a Saturday because that's totally beach weather.


  1. everything looks great! i am especially envious of the backsplash and potfiller.

    what size spacers did you use for your backsplash?

  2. If you go with the Lowe's 3x6 tiles they have a built-in 1/16" spacer. I would bet the Home Depot ones have the spacers too. We used the ones from Lowes (I think it's American Olean).

    So you just butt them up against each other and then use unsanded grout. Grey,Bone, and Tan are, apparently (from Google research), the standard colors for white subway tile to emphasize the running pattern.

  3. MMMMM.... LOVE the backsplash and potfiller. Wow.

    I would love to have a backsplash like that!

  4. It all looks so good! I am impressed by your tile work! I could never do that and have it come out anything less than wavy.

    The pot filler does not look off from where I'm sitting on my couch. So did you boil any water tonight?

  5. Thanks for the tile advice! We HAVE to get started on ours!


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