The Bird is the Word

Girly Stuff always comes up with the best random topics. Anyway, 10 songs.

Here they are - they are amongst many that I can play over and over AND OVER again until you want to stab your ear drums because you can't take it anymore (like the Family Guy episode where Peter keeps playing the "Surfin' Bird" song over and over again resulting in Brian and Stewie destroying every copy in the city. Peter then attempts to get another copy and meets Jesus Christ who works, incognito, at the record store. I can never get enough Family Guy). Anyway, if you're me, you can listen over and over again with sheer OCD pleasure. Drives the Husband insane that I listen to the same stuff all the time.

What'cha Know About - Donovan Frankenreiter (think, Jack Johnson, but better)
Blue Sky - The Allman Brothers (I love southern rock)
Strawberry Swing - Coldplay
I Will Not Be Broken - Bonnie Raitt
Cigarettes - The Wreckers (what the heck happened to these two, one album and then nothing)
Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
I Hope - Dixie Chicks
#41 - Dave Matthews Band
Power of Two - Indigo Girls
Heal Over - KT Tunstall

Progress was made this weekend on the kitchen - I'll have to post about that later!


  1. I never would have pegged you for a Carrie Underwood listener. Or a southern rocker. I am seeing you in a whole new way!

    I listened to all your songs on Itunes but never found Frankenreiter.

    I love Dreams and KT Tunstall and Strawberry Swing.

    I OCD my songs to death. My husband cannot take the group Travis anymore. He is so done.

    But they are great if you like Coldplay. Listen to My Eyes.


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