A Whole Bunch of Nothing

I still haven't called the daggone plumber. Why? Because I hate calling people. It's stupid, really, but I just get all lazy about having to bug someone and explain my situation. It's weird. I know. I just have a thing about calling up places and making appointments. It's the same with doctors, dentists, hair dressers, etc. Hate dealing with it.

I got up before the sun shined its ass on San Diego this morning to go to the gym with the giraffe I call my husband and - ALREADY - the number of cars in the parking lot is down 20-30% since Tuesday. I did the elliptical machine this time. Last time I could only imagine doing the recumbent bike - the other machines seemed to require large motor skills that I didn't have at that hour of the day and I figured I'd hurt myself, so best stick with what the old ladies work out on so I don't break something. This morning, though, I felt a little more confident and figured the I should be able to handle the elliptical machine. The thing with those elliptical trainers is that I think they are totally lying to me about calories burned. I entered my weight in (well, what I'm hoping it is) and after 20 minutes it told me I burned 250 calories. That seems like a heck of a lot of calories for the work I did. I don't know, I think the elliptical machine is full of shit. The bike on Tuesday seemed harder and I only burned maybe 150. I want honesty in my fitness machines.

Oh! I almost forgot. Girly Stuff's addiction meme. This is a good one, because obsessions might be my middle name. Well obsessions until I get bored with them and pick something else.

(1) Home Improvement/Houses/DIY/Anything house related: this one is here to stay like Hepatitis C (no, I don't have that, but it was the only thing that popped into my head as a disease that will never go away). Ever since buying my first property in 2003, I have been hooked.
(2) Searching the MLS: Another time wasting addiction, but I do it almost daily. I love looking at houses for sale and fantasizing about buying them.
(3) Diet Coke: There was a good year or so (2006/2007) where I didn't drink hardly any, but I haven't been able to permanently shake it. I generally go the weekend without it, but it's free at work, so it's hard to deny myself the pleasure. Ever since freshman year or college, when I switched to diet sodas to lose the freshman 10, I have been hooked. Hook, like, and sinker. Did you know that the latest slang/abbreviation for prostitution is "hooked"? Heard it on the Stern show yesterday when they were talking about some actress named Amber Smith and how she "hooked." Anyway.
(4) Checking My Finances Daily: I check our checking account balance and credit cards daily (usually) to see how much we've spent, cross off bills that have been paid from my low-tech paper-based income-expense worksheet, and calculate projected savings and additional debt repayment for the month. I am determined to be rid of this last pesky student loan that carries a whopping interest rate of 6.375% that I can no longer deduct from my taxes. I consolidated my Stafford loans right after I graduated because the rates had fallen, but it turns out that the rates continued to fall and have never risen to 6% since (8 years ago). Where is your flippin' crystal ball when you need it?
(5) This one is sort of icky, but picking at my face. I can't seem to leave the "blemishes" (euphemism word for zit, pimple, etc.) alone. It's not ideal - it seems like at least once a week I am messing with my face and it's genetic predisposition to acne handed down to me from my father (who had it much worse, so I really can't complain). A 4 month course of Accutane didn't clear it up and I'm definitely not going on that drug again - that stuff is evil. Clears up your skin, but way too hard on your body.

Anyway, that's all I got for addictions. For now. I am going to just tap more than 5 and it's up to you on participation, you can ignore the meme, but if it strikes your fancy, go to it!

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And I finally called the plumber - Friday the pipe will be moved to it's new, righteous location!


  1. Was it the meme that pumped you up to call the plumber? It was, wasn't it?

    The elliptical is very hard compared to the treadmill. I would trust its calorie counting abilities.

    And I love the diet coke. I have about 2 a week now instead of 2 a day. So even though it is doing evil things to my innards, I can't stop. But I've been drinking it for 18 years now. When is it going to kill me?

  2. I felt your words when you said you hate calling people. I know exactly what you mean!

    I procrastinate important phone calls like a m***er f***er! In fact, sometimes when I pick up the phone I have to pump myself up and say, "just dial the numbers...just make the call." I bet there's something weird and telling about this issue of ours.

    Coke Zero is my fave...my husband reminds me how bad it is everytime so I really only get to "enjoy" it when he's not around. "Really? Is it worse for me than 4 glasses of red wine that I'm going to drink, instead?"

  3. My husband doesn't understand why I am always texting instead of calling. Love texting, hate calling. When I can order a pizza and schedule a hair appointment via text, I'll be living in the promised land.

    Just finished my meme post. Thanks for the tag. I think. Ha!


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