When is The Next Holiday?

So I had my final dentist appointment for a while, at least until June when I get my regular check-up. The numbness this time around is unreal. He had tried to just numb as little as possible as it was one of those toofers closer to the front. Anyway, first couple drills were fine, by the fourth drill I felt it. There is nothing like feeling the drilling of your tooth - I can't describe it as excruciating as much as it's truly a freaky type of pain that has a weird linger, like it's gone, but the ghost of it is still there for a good 20-30 minutes. So he had to shoot me up with more juice. Now I'm talking like I'm half Fran Drescher or something. The numbness has crept to the very back of my mouth apparently affecting my speech in a way that it now comes out nasally and a wee bit slurred. It's lovely. Really. I'm ripe to be made fun of over here. I'm just hoping it'll unfreeze enough so that I can eat lunch by 1pm.

I've been thinking about my college diploma. It's not framed up nicely at all, I just put it in a decent Target document frame. The Husband keeps picking on it, saying it's not framed right like his (he went to Rensselaer, we are two dorky engineers), blah blah blah. The reason I never had it framed is because you practically have to take out a 3rd mortgage get it done ($100 or more) and back when I graduated, I didn't have lots of extra cash lying around to do that. I needed to save my moola for my cross-country move to LA. But now that I'm older, I'm thinking that I should get that damn thing framed right, like it deserves. I put it hard work and have loans I'm still paying nearly 9 years later to get that degree, shouldn't it be dressed up? Do you guys have yours done up nicely?

Speaking of moola and mortgages I stopped avoiding my net worth thingy that I started updating back in June. I skipped 2 months of updates when the stock market went down the toilet and we started bleeding cash from the kitchen renovation. Avoidance at it's finest. Anyway, the latest update is sorry one indeed. I should have started it this month so that the bar would be much lower. Starting this net worth thing in June was not ideal. We started with $98,485 in June which I was pretty happy with - I felt like I had accomplished something, financially. Latest number is $29,026. That would be a net worth decline of 70% in 6 months. The only positive thing I can think of is that my house has only lost 7K this past month which is down from 10K and 12K. I sure hope it means we're hitting bottom over here in the San Diego real estate market.


  1. I got mine framed when we bought our first house and had an "office" to put it in. I was more inclined to drop the $ after the lady at Michael's pointed out that the tube I kept it in was not acid free. I'm glad I did it.

    What about an open-back frame and just have the mat custom cut?

    This keeping tabs on your net worth every month can't be good for your sanity right now!

  2. You should frame that puppy. Hobby Lobby and Micheal's have 1/2 off custom framing quite often. Do you have either near you? I shelled out the big bucks right after graduation. That was when I did not know the value of a dollar. Or my net worth.

    At least we still have our looks?

  3. I have Michael's - never occurred to be do get it custom framed somewhere. That has to be cheaper.

    And no Hobby Lobby which is a bummer. From what I keep hearing, Hobby Lobby is better than Michael's.


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