Still No Potfiller

Off all the contractors to fall off the earth, I did not expect it to be my plumber. And, well, maybe I'm exaggerating by saying "fall off the earth," but this is a guy that always answers calls (literally, the only time I have ever not had him pick up was when he was in TJ with bad reception) and knew that I was going to call on Sunday to have him finish the potfiller hook up. It's strange. He as at the house Friday night to move the pipe, I said I'd call Sunday and I left a message at 1pm and haven't heard anything. I'm hoping he just flaked and nothing is actually wrong with him or his family.

So, yeah, potfiller still not hooked up.

I did manage to tile a bit more of the backsplash - I have the entire stove wall done along with the other wall by the refrigerator. That still leaves me like 50-60% left to complete - I have a feeling that 4 boxes of tile will not be enough. I figured I had picked up more than enough, but with mistakes, it's not looking like it will be. Eh. At least it's only 22 cents per tile. We also got the stools in from Walmart and then aren't too bad for the money. A little low with respect to the counter, but what can I do - it's either 29" which is too high or 24" which is a bit low. I figure if I get crafty with that sewing machine I can make some small cushions that lift everyone up a bit. I can't wait to paint them red! However I'm trying not to start 14 million projects at the same time. Currently, I have some painting partially done, some back splash going, the cork board that needs mounting, waiting on my diploma from Michael's (thanks for the tip, Girly Stuff!), cabinet molding still needing to be installed, drywall hols still to be patched and textured, and the list goes on and on. Seriously. So I'm trying to tell myself to get a grip and not start painting the stools right now because it can wait.

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes last night? I hope so because I have comments. Drew Barrymore? Did she not look like some kind of washed up 80's hag with crazy hair and the blue eye shadow? She looked disheveled and way older than her age (she's like 33 or something, but to me she looked like 45 in that get-up). And the one British gal from that movie "Happy Go Lucky", can't remember her name, but she was seriously scary thin. Aren't we over that whole anorexic look? She needed to eat herself a sandwich. I've heard the "fast metabolism" argument, but that looked beyond fast metabolism and more like sickness. No? Anyone?

I have a new "assignment" of sorts at work - I've been proclaimed as the "expert" of this one programming language when, in reality, I am so far from expert it's not even funny. And they kind of know that, but it is what it is. The fact is I just happen to be the one in the company to have done the most with the language (I just learned how to use it, on my own, a few months back). And "the most" is hardly anything very complex. There are a few good things about his development: (1) could mean I have will have a little more security in my job than I thought, (2) I will learn something completely new, (3) they think I have the ability to pick things up quickly. A few bad things: (1) I really have no idea what I am doing concerning this new application so the opportunity for failure is a bit high seeing as there is no one here to ask questions - Google is my only mentor, (2) it's taking me away from my programming specialty which is Java, (3) maybe I didn't have enough to do and figured, eh, we can just put her here for now. Number 3 is more my normal paranoia which is ever-present, but the others have merit, in my opinion. It's a bit of sink or swim on this one - if I can't pull it out of my ass, then I won't come out of this looking very good. I need muster up some motivation on this one since I am feeling rather sluggish to start in on what could require a a bit more brain power than I usually expend.

Finally, Southern California found itself this weekend. It was having a bit of an identity crisis, in my opinion. After months of strangely cold weather (high's in the 50s, lows in the 30s when the average high temperature should be around 68!), we were finally back to the 70s and sunny. I spent about 2 hours sitting outside with my book, getting some sun. Having that wonderfully sunny day yesterday totally reminded me why the heck I live here and not back east in the freezing cold and snow. It was nice to give the furnace a break from running up my gas bill.


  1. Well I hope that you get the potfiller soon!!

    And I SO watched the Golden Globes and had your exact rxn to DB. I love how she just kept smiling like, "I know you all think I'm crazy" too. I was not about JLo's dress either. or Renee Zellwegers. They have some funny recaps on

  2. I hope your plumber calls soon.

    You have way too many irons in the fire. But I would be a hypocrite to say it never happens to me.

    You should email me the programming language you are going to have to start using. Hubbie might know someone who knows someone that can be of some help if needed.

    I attempted the globes. But I can't stand to watch all the schmoozing and butt kissing. So I had to turn it after a bit. But I saw Drew Barrymore. You are spot on. And I heard Miley Cyrus was all fashioned up at the ripe old age of 15. Mickey Rourke looked like a cross between Bob Dylan and Justin Timberlake. His hair was too stiff with mousse to actually pull off looking like Harley hair. OK...I'm done.

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  4. So jealous of your sunny and 70s weather!


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