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My legs finally stopped hurting today. Why, you ask? Well, I decided to go for a 30-minute run during lunch on Thursday and I haven't run since Thanksgiving so, you could say that I'm a bit out of shape (though, cardio-wise, I was ok). Now, I've run two marathons, so I know post-run soreness, but, seriously, the soreness after this run was up there with post marathon pain. Not as bad, but certainly, worse than I've ever felt after 5 or 10Ks. I think it might have been some of the hills I did, I don't know - walking down the stairs required the use of the handrail. I'm going to put myself through another run today at lunch and hope that tomorrow I'll be able to sit down in my chair without gripping the arms for dear life.

This post is going to be all over the place, just so you know.

On Saturday evening (after I did yet more backsplash tiling - I am ready to be done with this damn backsplash, already), we decided to redneck-it-up, or as they say out here, get in touch with your inner East County, and go to the Monster Truck show at Qualcomm Stadium. For $10 a ticket, it's cheap entertainment. We went with a group from The Husband's work (he really lucked out with the social aspect of his work - they are a fun group). They started tailgating at 4:30pm, 3 hours early (we got there around 6pm). I had my fair share of Coors Light that evening. Anyway, so Qualcomm is kind of falling apart. Around 7:30pm we made our way to the entrance and on the way there, we hit an impasse: a flowing river of dirty water that even a 6-foot-tall lanky dude would not be able to take a running leap over. Fortunately, there was a guy and his pickup - whilst drinking a can of beer - giving people rides across the river. Basically, groups of like 15 people would get into back of the truck and he would drive in reverse, drop people off on the other side, and then pick up another group. I think he was making bank, because we gave him 5 bucks and others were giving him money, too. Still, it was a pretty cool thing to do.

That was not the end of the water troubles, though. On the ramp up to the ticket-takers, there was yet more (though cleaner) water flowing down, but passable by foot. Before I sat down, I went to the ladies room and, while it was not the nicest smelling place, everything was functional. About halfway through the event, I have to go again (seeing as I drank 3 cans of cheap beer), and this time, things were not hunky dory. I was able to flush the toilet - after 3 attempts - but the sinks were dry. No water. Shortly thereafter even the toilets wouldn't flush. What a mess. A sold out stadium of Monster Truck loving folks who drink copius amounts of cheap beer and no water in the Potty Room. Not ideal. We're thinking that maybe the river of dirty water flowing through the parking lot might have had something to do with it. Overall, though, it was fun to watch the trucks do crazy jumps with several losing wheel in the middle of a stunt. The winner was some dude from Texas. Don't mess with Texas. Totally worth the $10.

Oh, and, in case you are planning on doing painting soon - today, Home Depot is having an MLK Day event: $5 off a gallon of Behr paint (up to 5 gallons). It ends today. It's one of those rebate things - but they are usually quicker to send you the money than other rebate programs. I grabbed my primer and red paint for the stools since I already had the color picked out (high gloss California Poppy!), I figured why not save 10 bucks and just buy it now.

Enjoy your holiday, if you have it off. Tomorrow we'll have a new President! Woo Hoo!


  1. I have a very hard time picturing you at the Monster Truck Ralley. And it doesn't surprise me that some dude from Texas won.

    You really do have issues with plumbing and the waters that go with it.

    I'm thinking those stools are going to be red sooner than later.

  2. I couldn't pass up $10 off paint I already had to buy!

    I know - it'll be hard not to jump into painting them. I may just do one at a time... If only I had 14 hand and 36 hours in the day - I'd be done with everything!

  3. I went to a monster truck rally once. Just the once per life time is all you need.

    I wish I could get my paint on sale but I can't sneak out today.

  4. Shoot! I missed the paint sale! That was a good one. Congrats on getting back to running, I SO need to do that.


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