Bump In The Night

I hope I am not the only one with this weirdness, but, is it not the worst thing to have to sleep alone in a totally empty house?

Last night, The Husband was gone for a work retreat - one involving Indian casino gambling and booze - why don't I work there, too? He's not in some lurid field; he works in construction. Ok, yes, I know the whole Construction Worker Who Leers and Jeers at Passing Women, but that's not him (he's on the planning side). So that left me by myself and resulted in me getting a whopping total of 4 hours of sleep. Even the dog was freaked out (I think she was feeding off my anxiety - animals are intuitive like that) and in watch-dog mode. I can't stop myself from thinking some wacko is going to break in and chop my head off or something. Am I crazy or do you guys have similar issues?

I think it was also worse last night because the neighbors moved out completely yesterday. They are selling their house and (as far as I know it hasn't sold because they are smoking crack with their listing price) I guess found another one and got the heck out of Dodge. I am so used to having them there -- even though I hardly ever spoke to them. Another weird thing: I am TERRIBLE with getting to know my neighbors. Lying there in bed last night unable to sleep for fear the boogie man was going to get me (I slept with a full-on light - not a little night light - until I was 8 years old - and slept with my parents until I was 4 - I was very much afraid of the dark), I thought to myself "You need to get to know your neighbors, that's what they are here for - safety in numbers." So, I think I have another resolution, if I can get off my anti-social behind and get to know my neighbors, already. Geez Louise.

I just hate bugging people - what if they don't feel like talking to me? You know? Or am I just being stupid? When you get a ring/knock at your door, do feel bothered or excited? I think I usually feel bothered. I had some work to do with my neighborly attitude, I think.


  1. i feel the same way re: sleeping along in the house. usually i try to read until i simply cannot stay awake any longer or will leave the tv on.

    re: neighbors, i also found it weird to show up on doorsteps - luckily our neighbors all came to us and then it was more comfortable approaching them. we also noticed that we have much more contact with them if we are out and about in our yard, which mostly happens in summer (although I will say I bond shoveling our driveway with the old man next to us!)

  2. Gotta get to know the neighbors; the weirdness will rub off. We had few exchanges at the old house...lived there four years and never even knew their names. Now I have at least two backups if I need to borrow garlic when I'm cooking dinner. Love that!

    I agree that emptiness in the bed has its own weird energy. Maybe it throws the balance off but I don't sleep as well even if the man's just downstairs watching TV.

  3. I love being home alone. Comes from having children and a husband for the last eleventy billion years who are always right up in my grille. So when I get the chance to be home alone all night long, I am one happy camper. If the boogey man breaks in to chop my head off, he'll find me sleeping diagonally across the middle of the freaking bed with a big smile on my face.

  4. We had new neighbors move in a couple of doors down and they had an open house. So I went and everyone there were also our neighbors. They kept asking who I was. When I said I lived 2 doors down, they couldn't believe it. They said we were "the house that never comes outside."

    So I feel your pain. We know our immediate neighbors on our right and left fairly well. But the people across the street told me they keep to themselves. I took the hint.


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