Setting the Alarm for 4:50am

Right. That wouldn't be me. But that would be my husband so that he could get up and hit the Y at 5am to... WORK OUT. It's kind of crazy, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it - he is a bit of lazy bum when it comes to physical activity. I've done countless 5K's and never once have I been able to convince him to do it with me (even when I was in crappy shape and he, for sure, would have been able to keep up). That's not to say he's overweight - he's 6'2" and hovers between 185 and 195, but for whatever reason, January rolled around and he decided he needed to start working out.

Um. OK? It's kind of impressive but the end result is me feeling like a sloth when I got up at 6:30am. If he (The Champion of Couch-Sitting) has decided to start working out it may mean that I need to get with the program. Ever since this remodel started, I have let exercise fall by the wayside. I have almost always kept up some kind of routine either with running or yoga, but right now? Nope. And in my book, teaching yoga doesn't count. Same thing happened in 2003 when I remodeled my townhouse in LA, but back then I was 25 years old with a less cranky metabolism.

It's really, to me, a matter of me being a bit lazy. I'm sure there are lots of less active people than me, and it's not like I waste a lot of time sitting around. But I'm sure I can steal some time from this remodel project and maybe not watch that House Hunters at 10pm and instead hit the hay so that I could get up a tad earlier. We have showers at work, for pete's sake! I should be able to do some kind of activity a few times a week - 3 times a week would be a flippin' start.

Anyway, so I guess I have a New Year's resolution by association. A resolution based on shame that my lazier counterpart has the wherewithal to get up at 4:50am to workout.


I started the backsplash - in fact, AGAIN, the house trumped my workout plans. I had planned to go to a power yoga class Saturday morning but knew that if I did, I wouldn't be back home and working on the backsplash until like noon. So I chose the backspash. The potfiller is currently on a UPS truck somewhere in my town waiting to be deposited at my doorstep. I knew it was arriving today, so getting the portion behind the stove done AND grouted by today was a priority. I ended up working for 6 hours on the backsplash - I am about 30% done (we have A SHLOAD of area to tile - somewhere between 40 and 50 square feet which is quite a bit for a backsplash). By Saturday evening I was POOPED. This is one of those times where being short really helps - I don't have lots of bending and hunching over to do the job since it's just lower than eye level. I grouted on Sunday and did a wee bit of painting. I promised pictures but I didn't have time to get them uploaded this morning, since the kitchen needed cleaning. Effing kitchen.


  1. You're the only lazy person I've ever met that considers her self lazy because she has to much to do and can't fit one more thing in.

    Please continue to sleep until 6:30am and count teaching yoga as exercise.

    Can I count thinking about exercising as exercise? Isn't your brain a muscle?

  2. I have to agree with Girly Stuff, count the yoga teaching and sleep till 6:30. I would LOVE to know that someone gets to do that. As soon as my wee one gets a couple years older, he might start letting me sleep that "late". :) Exercise regimens come and'll come back at some point.


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